What is Masterbatch?

Masterbatch is an important additive in the plastic sector. Masterbatch is the material in granules, obtained by mixing color pigments or additives as high concentrations with an appropriate polymer carrier. There are also liquid masterbatches, which are used in special plastic industries. Plastic Companies use masterbatches that can have a standard or their demanded formula (color, pigment concentration, etc.). The manufacturer adds masterbatch during their production in their polymer with calculated ratios to maintain the exact color or improved functions required for the final product.

Using masterbatchev instead of powder pigments or additives in production lines has several advantages:

  • There is no need to make color formula, Masterbatch producer will do it for you;
  • The formulation of color is archieved and stable in masterbatches;
  • With the help of masterbatch, the operating costs are reduced;
  • It is also convenient to use masterbatches because of the fact that it saves time;
  • Masterbatch is in a solid granular formby that a cleaner line production compared with the use of powder pigments.